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Ballard Bathroom

Ballard Neighborhood, Seattle

About Ballard Bathroom

The existing bathroom in this 1940’s Seattle home was small and outdated and didn’t fit the client’s modern aesthetic or capacity to serve as the main bathroom for a family of three. We were able to gain additional square footage in the room by adding the space from an adjacent small closet, removing a soffit over the tub/shower area, and utilizing a wall hung toilet and vanity to contribute more space both physically and visually. The biggest challenge with this project was getting the plumbing for the bathroom sink, toilet with a hidden carriage and shower valve/head to fit into the existing 2×4 wall that also held the kitchen sink. By reframing this shared wall, along with some creative design by our plumber, we were able to accomplish this task. The bathtub was an important client feature, the one selected is simple with clean lines that add to the overall aesthetic of the space. The wall tile is unique in its pattern which also was challenging to lay out and terminate where it stops outside of the bathtub. A white metal trim piece was used to solve this problem to finish its edge. The wood vanity adds some warmth to the space and provides additional storage. The shape of the light fixtures also ties into the modern aesthetic. The client was drawn to the modern version of the burnished brass finish for all the fixtures and hardware to bring an older aesthetic up to date. Overall, we were able to meet the client’s needs and solve their problems with a beautiful space that they love to use.

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