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Schulte Design Build’s first ever project: A 2001 Ballard Kitchen

There are moments that stand out as milestones in this work. For Schulte Design Build, one such moment was when Todd Schulte’s neighbor approached him in 2001. Todd and his family had just moved into the Ballard neighborhood and Todd was doing renovations to their home. Intrigued by his work, the neighbor asked if Todd could take a look at their kitchen after he finished his own.

When Todd sat down with his first ever client, his neighbor brought fresh and personalized ideas of what they were interested in for their home. The neighbor’s kitchen was too small for their growing family and lacked interesting materials they desired to make it their own. Todd saw this as a challenge and got to work.

Laying the Foundation

Knowing space was the biggest issue, the first thing Todd and his crew did was install a steel load bearing beam to help double the square footage of usable space and help lay the foundation for a much larger kitchen.

Design partner was Daniel Corcoran/Studio DEC Design


Eco-Friendly Finishes

Once construction began, so did the process of choosing materials and finishes. Embracing sustainability, the client chose bamboo plywood cabinets, not only for their eco-friendly properties but also their modern aesthetic way ahead of 2001’s time. Another standout feature was the countertop brought in by the neighbor’s partner who worked on luxury yachts that had a seafoam green hue and a unique shape that fit perfectly in the kitchen.


Design partner was Daniel Corcoran/Studio DEC Design


Look closely and you’ll see river rocks that were collected by the client that formed the backsplash and entry way, blending the modern look with natural elements.

Design partner was Daniel Corcoran/Studio DEC Design


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Little did he know, this project would mark the beginning of the company and set the tone for the quality and innovation we strive for years to come.

“When I started the company, it was just myself and a temporary helper. I was the classic carpenter turned contractor and my goal was to provide quality craftsmanship and white glove service to help homeowners realize the vision they have for their homes. I have created a company of talented professionals that care about what we do and love doing it.

The company was built for better living.”  – Todd Schulte

Reflecting on this journey, Todd knows the power of collaboration with clients and the transformative impact of design. What started as a neighbor’s dream became a catalyst for the company’s growth and a testament to our commitment to excellence.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen or other space in your home that needs your own unique stamp, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us here.

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