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3 Must-Have Elements for a Timeless Home

Scrolling through social media, bursts of bright color, bold trends, and DIY projects flood our screens. If you’re on there long enough, you’ll likely notice patterns emerge (for instance, dark cabinets are very popular this year).

However, if you’re investing time, money, and energy into a renovation, something with staying power is far more important than seasonal trends. With 23 years of design and construction under our belts, we know what stands the test of time.

1. Your Home’s Flow: Creating Balance in a Space

The flow of a home is essential for creating a harmonious and practical living environment. It may not be something the average homeowner thinks about, but a thoughtful layout ensures that each space transitions smoothly into the next and creates a functional living space for decades to come. Sometimes, identifying why something feels off can be challenging. But when you achieve good flow, it transforms how you experience a space or feel in a space.

“I really love solving problems, especially when it comes to flow because it has such a significant impact. Creating flow means finding the right balance between form and function. Open floor plans are effective in achieving flow with natural light and space, but also well-designed sectioned-off rooms create storage solutions and much needed separate spaces for your household needs.”

 – Melinda Shaw, Design Developer for Schulte Design Build

2. Adding Natural Elements

Natural elements, especially wood, have always played a crucial role throughout the history of design. Wood brings warmth and texture into a living space that few other materials can match. Walnut cabinets, for example, offer a rich darker hue that complements various backsplashes and color schemes. Their durability and classic appeal make them a favored choice for kitchens and other materials throughout the home alike.

In fact, this year’s design trends highlight ‘coffee tones’ like latte, mocha, and espresso, which are widely used in woods for window and door framing, cabinets, and furniture. In other words: a repackaging of a timeless classic!

3. Your Kitchen is Your Gathering Space

When you’re at a party, where are people usually gathering? The kitchen, naturally! A well-designed kitchen emphasizes both warmth and functionality, with spaces for cooking, and socializing seamlessly integrated.

Your kitchen is an essential ingredient in the flow of the rest of your home, as it’s where people naturally gravitate towards.

“The kitchen is the social and functional hub of your home. You want space for people to move around comfortably, along with materials that are beautiful and durable.”

– Melinda Shaw, Design Developer for Schulte Design Build

Within your kitchen design, features like a crisp and clean tile backsplash, proper and inviting lighting choices (including natural light), and adequate and accessible storage solutions are only a few details to keep in mind when developing a timeless kitchen.

Creating a timeless home involves a thoughtful blend of high-quality materials, functional spaces, and personalized touches. By incorporating elements that will stand the test of time, you can create a home that remains beautiful and practical for years to come.

If you’re looking to start your timeless home project, contact the experts at Schulte Design Build today.

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